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"Knowledge gets passed down, and passion gets learnt by doing the thing you love – for us, for generations, from family and friends, it’s been cars."

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Timeless Garage is a place we have designed where we can work and help you build your dreams, piece by piece .
Customisation options allow you to reinterpret the source design and create something that is unique to you. Timeless Customs stands against homogeneity, empowering the driver to take pride in something that previously could only have been imagined.

Timeless Concours we use the original techniques and materials that are necessary to allow your cars full potential to manifest and become a classic once again.

A car is a reflection of the driver’s personality, and our finished works are a reflection of the relationship that exists between the garage and the client. It’s this relationship that allows us to continue to creatively explore the idealised and ever-changing visions we all share of the ‘perfect’ car.