1962 Porsche 356



This re-born, re-imagined 55-year old Porsche 356B is build with keeping day-to-day driving in mind. So while from the outside, the car retains its classic appearance, there’s an updated 1750cc big bore engine that’s paired with Webber DCOE 40 carburettors. You would also find a complete custom interior that re-upholstered in brown leather with period-correct Type RS bucket seats, along with a wood-finished MOMO steering wheel and Bluetooth radio. Also air conditioning system . Other things that receive a welcome update are the front brakes which are now discs instead of drum, while the Outlaw White Walker Porsche 356B boasts a sports exhaust for a higher and raspier note than the original. The electricals too, have gone through a 12V conversion while bonnet gets a very singer-esque center fuel filler cap.

Its a full matching numbers car with certificate of authenticity .